Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Miracles for Frosty!

September was a rough month for our kitties but it was amazing to see how God took care of them and once again answered my girls' prayers!  It is so wonderful to see how God cares about the little things in their lives that mean so much!

It started with Cupcake getting a UTI and we had to take her to the vet.  After a couple hundred dollars (which was really hard to dish out but we wanted to give her a chance to live because she is just the sweetest cat and all the girls adore her),  she was back to normal. 

 But then Frosty got sick in a similar way.  And our money was pretty much gone.  Keep in mind that Mark had been unemployed for several months a while back and we had to use our emergency fund to survive.  We loved this kitty so much but had made a promise to never go in debt for any reason.  Cupcake had a little bit of  antibiotics and steroids left over so I started giving that to Frosty in hopes that we could avoid another vet bill.  But he got pretty lethargic and comatose and we had to do something.  So we took him to the vet and told them we were pretty much out of money and not to do anything without asking us first.  The verdict was bad:  He was going to die if they didn't work on him.  And the first quote they gave us was $1300!!!  I tried to ask questions but basically broke down sobbing too hard to talk on the phone.  We didn't have the money.  And we loved that cat so much.   I just hated to have to tell the girls he was going to die simply because we didn't have the money to pay the vet to help him.  

Thankfully, the vet was a kind soul and God used her to bless our family in amazing ways.  First of all, she whittled down the procedures and cost to an almost manageable amount.  She couldn't guarantee his survival without all the extra fluids and surgery and everything else we couldn't afford, but she would do her best.    So we agreed to spend a little more money and at east give him a chance.  
Unfortunately, her efforts didn't work and just a couple days after coming home, he began to get comatose again.  I called her back and asked what she recommended.  I was afraid it was time to just put him to sleep to end his misery.  But this is when God really started to do miracles!  She said to bring him in and she would look at him for free.  And then she did what it took to save his life without charging us a cent!  Not only that, but she said that I should bring him in every day for 10 days to get fluids and she would not charge us for those either!  It was amazing.  I'm sure they should have billed us for hundreds of dollars (which we could not have paid) but they did not.  In addition, one day when I took him in for fluids, she surprised me by giving us a humongous bag of specialty cat food that helps to dissolve the crystals that caused the initial problem.  This particular bag was worth about $80 but she gave it to us.  I have never heard of a vet being so generous but I am so grateful!!  This following picture are the thank-you notes the girls drew for her.  I know they will never forget the many miracles that God has done for their precious kitties that they love so much!

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