Saturday, February 28, 2015

52 Reasons

For Valentine's Day this year, I gave Mark a pack of cards from The Homestead where we celebrated our awesome 10-year Anniversary.  And on each card I wrote a random reason why I love him.  I had a different category for each suit and I thought I'd share most of my reasons on here so the girls could see what an awesome husband their Daddy is.  A few of them I will leave out, though, because they are just between Mark and I :)

Hearts:  Random Favorite Memories
-Surprise tickets to Phantom of the Opera and a trip to NYC (Christmas 2003)
-Our 1st kiss
-Our first date July 2002 -- dinner at my parents' house, mini-golf, and daring queen -- I vividly remember staring at his face and just wondering if I would be waking up next to that face for the rest of my life
-Special cards and letters in the mail when I did a semester in CO at the Focus On The Family Institute
-The grin on his face when he told me he had scored a $400 gift card to the Spa at The Homestead on our 10th anniversary
-Seeing his pride and excitement when Karis was born and watching him pick out her first outfit
-Hide and Seek in our first house together
-The first time he told me he loved me October 18, 2003
-The Biltmore trip with his family when we were just dating
-Swing dancing the night he proposed
-Getting lost on road trips so many times when we were engaged and first married because were were so lost in conversation that we would forget to look at directions.

Spades: Things I love about my husband
-He never holds a grudge and apologizes quickly when he is in the wrong
-He looks hot in a baseball hat
-He thinks hard about things and does not do anything impulsively
-He is an awesome Daddy and makes our girls feel loved
-He looks good on the basketball court and i enjoy watching him play
-He knows the Bible well and always tries to do the right thing
-He is humble
-He doesn't give complements much so when he does, I know he really means it
-He is easy to talk to and good at talking to other people
-He really cares about other people and it makes me try to care more about people outside our family and friends
-He is a good communicator and speaker and I enjoy listening to him teach
-We have similar taste in music
-Everything is more fun and less stressful when I am with him

Clubs: Things my husband does that I love:
-Takes the kitty litter out
-Fills up my gas tank
-Takes the girls on Daddy Dates
-Gets a kick out of scaring me
-Calls me on his way home
-Helps me with errands
-Always knows how to make me laugh
-Helps me shop for clothes
-Lets me snuggle on the couch
-Lets me join ladies book studies
-Dances with our girls
-Randomly brings me my favorite treats
-Helps take Karlie and pick her up from school so I don't have to wake Susanna

Diamonds: Reasons I'm glad I married him:
-I love his family
-He makes cute girls
-I trust him to take care of us
-I trust his love
-I think he will still be cute as an old man
-Others respect him and so do I
-Our life is crazy but I love it and look forward to the future
-He has integrity
-He is a great Daddy!
-I love him!
-He likes my family, too
-I always have fun when I'm with him
-He understands me and helps me be a better person
-I miss him when I am gone and am happiest when I am with him!

Friday, February 27, 2015

February fun

Mom and I found these matching fancy purple dresses on clearance for under 7 bucks each! The girls were so excited that they wore them two Sundays in a row :)

Just being silly in Abbi's Sunday school class:

Abbi got this dress for her birthday and was excited to wear it:

A fun spring-like day at Nina's before the snowstorm hit:

Celebrating Abbi's birthday at Nina and Papa's house:

Karlie's Valentine's Day at school:

Grandma surprised her and came to het party!  She was so excited!

Susanna getting into all sorts of trouble:  

Taking all my cans out of the pantry:

Abbi excited about the stickers she bought with her birthday money:

Karis is never more happy than with a kitty and a book:

A pretty day called for a trip to the park:

The girls wanted to stay on the spinning ride all afternoon

Karis likes to dress up our animals:

Susanna likes to interrupt Karis practicing the piano:

Richard came to town for the day!

Another hat for the sleeping puppy:

Susanna's favorite toy:

we made snow candy like from "Little House in the Big Woods."  It worked well but the girls were not a big fan of the molasses flavor:

Susanna got a random 24 hour bug and fell asleep onme while I made dinner:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daddy's getting a shotgun sooner than expected...

With 4 girls, just about every time we go anywhere we get the comments about Daddy needing a shotgun to fight off the boys and about how much fun it is going to be when they are teenagers, etc.  I've always just told the girls that they don't need to worry about finding a husband because Daddy will choose for them.  (The only problem with that plan is that Abbi is determined to marry Daddy, but I figure she will get over that eventually.)  We know that eventually we will have to lay down guidelines for courtship/ dating but we figured that we have a while before that starts and for now we are just praying for wisdom for that time, for our girls'  future spouses, and that God will give our girls wisdom as well.  But I have to say that I never expected to be addressing the "kissing boys" issue so soon!  (For the record, Mark was the only boy I ever kissed and I truly hope my girls will be able to say the same thing.)

Last year when Karis was 6, she had a boy in her class at Classical Conversations who was determined he was going to marry her.  He told her so very confidently just about every week.  Thankfully, she didn't want to marry him and just laughed and told him no every time so it wasn't a big issue.  (She was actually a bit concerned the first time he said it and said, "But Mama, I don't want to marry Levi!"  She was quite relieved to find out that the girl actually has to say yes before it is official and Daddy has to say yes first!)  So it was a good first discussion on that kind of thing and I thought it would be a while before we had more.

This January, Abbi, (my 4-YEAR OLD!) randomly got a big smooch on the mouth by her best buddy James.  She was quite excited about it.  I'm not sure where he got the idea but apparently there was some encouragement from his sister and perhaps my girls who all thought it was hilarious.  (They have mentioned several times that Abbi should marry him so that they can be sisters with his big sister, their best friend.)  Thankfully, both Mark and the little guy's parents were there to witness the event so it got nipped in the bud very quickly.  We immediately instigated a rule that the girls are not allowed to kiss any boys but Daddy and Papas!

We thought that would be the end of it, but then, on Valentine's weekend, Karlie was in SPARKS (a church function) when one of her friends from Sunday school came up, hugged her, and gave her a big kiss on the cheek, telling her how cute she is.  We didn't find out about it until later that night when the girls came home excited to tell us all about it.  Sigh.  We gave her strict instructions to tell him that she wasn't allowed to kiss anyone but Daddy and Papas and were quite serious about it.  But sure enough, the following Wednesday, as Mark was walking in the door to pick her up from Music Makers (another church function), he caught Austin hugging and kissing on her again!  (She said she told him she wasn't supposed to kiss boys but I guess he didn't think she was serious.  She does laugh at him all the time.)  The timing couldn't have been more perfect, though, and Mark saw it and called him over immediately and told him never to kiss his daughter again.  The fella looked a little scared so Mark softened it a bit by telling him that if he ever did it again, Mark would make him kiss Pup-pup and that made the little fella laugh again.  But he knew...  Then the little boy's Daddy happened to walk in and asked if Austin was causing trouble.  Mark hated to say anything, but since he asked.....  Needless to say, the boy hasn't tried to kiss Karlie again!

It is all kind of funny and silly since they are so young but at the same time, we really want to teach our girls how to be sweet young ladies with discretion.  If we let them kiss boys at this age, how will we teach them restraint when they are older and actually sweet on a fella?  No, I guess it's never to early to start teaching them about purity and waiting on God's best.

Monday, February 23, 2015

February snow fun!

Well we made it to the middle of February without any real snowstorms.  We even had some really spring-like days and just figured that winter was leaving without ever really having come.  But we were happily surprised when we got a major snowstorm that kept Mark out of work for an entire week!  Oh, it was so wonderful!

Susanna had never really been out in the snow so the first night that it came down, we took her out to play with the girls and their glowsticks :)

The next morning when the ground was covered, she was a little scared at first but soon got just as excited as her sisters:

Puppy took a break from playing in the only unfrozen spot outside: inside the playhouse!

And we got to do it all over again the next day:

Puppy had fun catching snowballs that Mark threw in the air for her:

When the roads cleared up we got to meet friends at a nice hill and do some really fun sledding:

 Susanna didn't always get to go outside if I was busy cooking dinner.  So she watched out the kitchen window the entire time: