Saturday, January 31, 2015

January fun

I don't get a picture with my sweet girls often since I am usually behind the camera, so I was glad Mark snapped this one:

Karis and Karlie were excited that they got to hold the flags at Sparks:

Abbi knows Go Dog, Go by heart and Susanna loves it so Abbi was being super sweet and reading it to her:

Random trip to Krispy Creme with favorites:

Frosty loves to hide on Mark's desk and grab his papers and pen as he studies:

The kitties also love Mark's study chair :)

The girls have really enjoyed their Fo os on the Family magazines from Grandma and Papa:

Susanna was clingy to Daddy and he wanted to get stuff done so he put her in the Ergo on his back.  Both were pretty happy about the arrangement:

Susanna loves to climb in a chair that's holding a sleeping kitty:

The girls and I were very proud and excited about the Boston Cream Pie we made from scratch for Papa's birthday.  DELICIOUS!

Susanna loves to hold the kitties oh so tight!

One pretty spring-like day we decided to let the kittens explore outside a little.  We are tired of the litter and are slowly starting to acclimate them to going outdoors.  they were cautious but excited:

The kitties quickly find my lap as soon as the girls go to naps or bed.  If I don't sit and snuggle or a bit, Frosty will even come up to me and start pawing at me and crying for me to sit down with him :)

Karis thought Frosty needed a baby

Birthday Party for Karlie and Abbi

Since Karlie and Abbi have birthdays only 2 weeks apart from each other, we decided to have a combined party.   Mark's school has an awesome blow-up that we could use so we reserved the gym and let the kids get out all their energy!

Susanna thought she was a big kid and tried to jump also:

They loved holding hands and sliding down to gather as a big group!

Pizza and lemonade for lunch, on Frozen plates, of course:

Nina brought ice cream cups and for some reason they all decided to leave the tables and sit in a circle on the floor to eat it.  I guess they wanted a picnic:

Sweet birthday girls:

Oh how we love them!

Abbi didn't want to blow out the candles so Karlie did it for her:

Present time was a little bit chaotic but lots of fun:

And they had to play just one of their favorite games right before heading out: Foxy Roxy, What Time Is It?

Abbi got to help Daddy call out the times the second time around:

What a fun day!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Karlie!

We brought cupcakes to Karlie's class to celebrate her birthday.  Karis and Abbi were very excited to check out her Kindergarten room:

And of course Karlie picked Frozen cupcakes:

Karlie wearing her birthday crown:

Those Bright blue Frozen cupcakes sure did stain her mouth!

Abbi was quite excited as well:

Look at that tongue!

Back at the house, the girls gave her presents they had picked out for her:

She had quite the special day the next day, (Saturday) but we forgot to take too many pictures.  She got to pick out a present at Michael's craft store, meet Grandma and Papa at Chick-Fil-A for Lunch, and go to Nina and Papa's for dinner!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brief January Snow Fun

 We got a little snow mid-January and it was enough to give Mark and Karlie a 2-hour delay for school.  The girls insisted on going out and playing in it so they ran around crazy and threw snowballs and ate snow for just a short while:

 I should have taken Susanna out but it really wasn't enough snow to be worth the trouble.  So she stayed indoors with me while I made hot chocolate and laughed at the others while Daddy threw snowballs at the window and made silly faces at her:

 We happened to be out of milk so we made hot chocolate by melting vanilla ice-cream and adding chocolate powder to it!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Trip to KY!

We braved a trip to KY with the screaming toddler just because we love our family so much... and it was worth it! (Hopefully when we go back this summer Susanna won't mind the drive so much since her carseat will be turned around.)  We made so many fun memories and once again were so glad that Mark is a teacher so he enjoyed a long Christmas break :)

Jason took us to his friend's awesome gymnastic building and the kids had it to themselves!  They had so much fun!

Lily taught the girls how to sing/ act "So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music and they put on several "shows" over the course of the weekend:

Chocolate Fondue for dessert!  It was the first time the girls had enjoyed such a treat and they thought it was awesome!

 Watching The Sound Of Music together... it was so cute to hear all the cousins singing together!

This sweet kitty grew attached to me and jumped in my lap every chance he got.  I sure didn't complain!

Susanna loved it when her cousins picked her up!


Our midnight at New Year's group shot:

Susanna couldn't believe that the kitty kept jumping up in my lap.  She kept laughing and pointing:

 Sweet good-byes: