Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Moving Day!

Oh we had waited so long for this day!  3 years renting when we so desperately wanted our own house.  Poor Abbi and Susanna thought that looking at houses was a normal part of life.  But this house was worth the wait.  Only 5 minutes from the girls' school and Daddy's work and a wonderful acre+ backyard with apple tree, pear tree, 5 blueberry bushes, cherry trees, plum trees, walnut trees, pecan trees, and more.  The house is not as big as our big family could use, but we can slowly expand as we save the money and plan to add bathrooms and finish the basement.  For now, we are excited about living all on one level and enjoying both a living room and  family room and bigger bedrooms. And two bathrooms upstairs!  We are content and so excited that we were able to find something in our price range that allowed us to secure a 15 year mortgage so we will be completely debt free by the time our oldest graduates from high school!

The big girls had fun helping Daddy paint :)

Susanna loved the big moving truck!

So thankful for Gavin's help and truck!

The little girls had fun playing in the mess while Mama packed :)

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