Friday, November 20, 2015

November fun

Abbi enjoyed her very first time on stage with her Kinderchorus class.  She was hilarious... grinning up a storm but we could tell she was feeling shy because she kept trying to hold onto her friends.  Lillianna didn't want to stand up and sing but Abbi kept trying to get her to join her and hold her hand.  It was a very cute (and funny) performance :)

Karlie did a great job singing with her Music Makers class as well!

We went to the science museum and enjoyed a spectacular view of the city from the top:

Karis's first time making a car for the AWANA grand prix!  Her Daddy and Papa Marvin helped her make it and she decorated it with stickers.

Susanna helped Mama vote and was excited about the sticker

Sweet sisters

Karlie's fun Thanksgiving party

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