Monday, November 2, 2015

The photo we didn't know would be important

We have been looking for a house to buy for our family ever since we moved back almost 3 years ago.   It has just been really hard to find one with a decent backyard that is close to the school but not too expensive.  We were determined to buy a house we could afford and do a 15 - year mortgage to get get better rates and be completely mortgage-free by the time our oldest graduates from high school.  So we have been watching the market for nearly 3 years and have not seen much that fits our needs in our budget. 

 One rainy Saturday a couple weeks ago, I found a house on my realtor app that had over an acre of land and was the perfect location for us.  We quickly contacted our realtor and ran out and saw it.  At first glance, Mark discounted it immediately because the house only had 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath.  It had another tiny half bath but with 4 girls, we knew we were going to eventually need two bathtubs!  So we told our realtor it was not the one for us.  Then we decided to salvage the day by going to a fun fall festival at a church down the road from the house.  We took this picture there:

And we had no idea that it would be the only picture taken on the day we finally found our house!!!  After the festival, Mark and I talked about the house and the fact that we could probably eventually add on another bathroom and either finish the basement or add on another bedroom if we saved our money for several years.  It would be worth it to be only 6 minutes from the church and have such a lovely backyard.  We seriously had not seen a single house that close with such a great backyard in our price range.  The house itself was smaller than we had hoped for and somewhat outdated, but Mark enjoys fixing up houses and we could work on it slowly and eventually make it into what we wanted as we saved money.  We called our realtor back that afternoon and set up a time the very next day right after church for a handyman friend and Mark's parents to go check it our before we made an offer.  They all loved it and thought it was perfect for us so we made an offer as soon as possible on Monday!  We could hardly believe it when it was accepted and we realized our 3-year journey was finally over!!!!  We really believe this house is our answer to prayer!

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