Friday, August 21, 2015

Lots of August fun!

Susanna looked so cute for church that I had to snap her picture:

The girls love to play hide and seek with Daddy and have come up with some pretty funny hiding spots:

He finally decided to join Susanna in her obvious hiding spot:

The girls enjoyed Papa's garden:

And Nina's ice cream!

Susanna pretending to be able to pull Pup-pup around :)

With a little help from knee guards and elbow protection, Karis learned to ride a bike without training wheels!

Homestead Creamery makes the best ice cream ever!

And their goats are hilarious!

A perfect rainbow behind the church after summer Bible Clubs!

Making pretzels!

Tickle time!

Susanna is at the stage where she gets into a mess every time I turn my back...

And yet another mess...

Excited about making a special treat for homegroup!

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