Thursday, April 30, 2015

April fun

I love my silly, happy girls!

 Abbi was invited to a special birthday tea party and was so excited!

Karlie made some sweet pictures and notes in her class for Grandparents' Day:

"I love Nina and Papa.  I like playing with Nina.  I like going for walks in the woods with Papa."

"I love Grandma and papa.  I like coocking with Grandma.  I like going to the librayry with papa."

The girls were excited to hold baby chicks at a tractor supply store:

We all got spring haircuts!  Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but they were all excited about it!  

A fun birthday party for Lilianna!

Snuggles from my big girls :)

Susanna randomly found Nina's glasses and put them on:

 Susanna found my stash of Hershey kisses that Karis gave me:

Karlie wanted a picture with Frosty:

And Pup-pup:

Susanna loves Daddy snuggles more than anything:

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