Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

We started out Easter weekend by staying at Nina and Papa's house.  The girls had fun dying Easter eggs with Nina:

While Susanna had fun decorating her eggs with foam stickers:

We went to my parents' house for Easter and went to church with them on Sunday morning.  Instead of buying the girls matching dresses for Easter this year, we took them to the consignment store and Grandma let the m each pick out whichever dress they wanted.  It was so fun to see their personalities and interests shown in the dresses they chose.  Karis chose the most grown-up dress she could find, while Karlie chose the most princessey dress she could find.  And Abbi had to pick a blue fancy dress like Elsa :)

The girls were so excited that Grandma rode in the back of the van with them!

The girls enjoyed dying eggs with Grandma also!

Nina and Papa came to Grandma and Papa's house to celebrate Easter with us!

Making Grandma's famous Angel biscuits:

 Susanna probably more than anyone at our Easter feast :)

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