Saturday, March 14, 2015

When Daddy's Away...

 Mark was asked to head up the Senior class trip to NY and he was gone for an entire week!  I knew we would all go crazy without him so I planned a trip to my parents' house for the weekend and a bunch of fun playdates while he was gone.  The girls had a blast but the week just about did me in!  Here are some pictures from our crazy week:

Susanna refused to nap at Grandma and Papa's but she sure wanted to smile for a picture for Daddy:

 Papa helped the girls make chocolate ice-cream in their new hand-crank machine:

Susanna was particularly excited about the ice cream :)

Abbi learned how to drive the car for the first time:

Susanna stayed up for movie night for the first time:

Susanna rode on the see saw by herself for the first time:

Karis was very helpful in reading to her sisters while I put Susanna to bed in the evenings:

We played outside every chance we got hoping to wear out this busy toddler:

We had quite a rainy week so mud pies were a primary source of enjoyment:

They were pretty excited about all the worms as well:

But not Abbi; she only played with flowers.  Princess Abbi does not like to get her hands dirty:

And finally, Daady came home!!!!!!!!!!!  Smiles all around!!!

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