Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March fun:

We were excited to get one more light snow so that we could try out the recipe from Little House in the Big Woods for maple snow candy.  We had tried it previously using molasses but the girls were not a fan of the bitter  flavor of molasses!  This time, however, they LOVED the candy and were so excited!

We went on a fun mini-hike with the girls on a pretty spring day:

The big girls started playing soccer with the local homeschool association.  They have really enjoyed it!

Random castle building during rest time:

Pup-pup and Cupcake get along pretty well now.  It is fun to see them napping so close together:

Abbi is the most faithful kitty snuggler and will leave whatever she is doing to give the kitties snuggles almost every five minutes.  She adores them :)

Frosty like the box to the ice cream maker almost as much as the girls enjoyed the ice-cream maker!

Dressed up for church:

I found the big girls these matching dresses for only $6 each at Sears on clearance!  I was pretty excited :)

Susanna loves the dollhouse for so many reasons:

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