Monday, February 23, 2015

February snow fun!

Well we made it to the middle of February without any real snowstorms.  We even had some really spring-like days and just figured that winter was leaving without ever really having come.  But we were happily surprised when we got a major snowstorm that kept Mark out of work for an entire week!  Oh, it was so wonderful!

Susanna had never really been out in the snow so the first night that it came down, we took her out to play with the girls and their glowsticks :)

The next morning when the ground was covered, she was a little scared at first but soon got just as excited as her sisters:

Puppy took a break from playing in the only unfrozen spot outside: inside the playhouse!

And we got to do it all over again the next day:

Puppy had fun catching snowballs that Mark threw in the air for her:

When the roads cleared up we got to meet friends at a nice hill and do some really fun sledding:

 Susanna didn't always get to go outside if I was busy cooking dinner.  So she watched out the kitchen window the entire time:

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