Friday, February 27, 2015

February fun

Mom and I found these matching fancy purple dresses on clearance for under 7 bucks each! The girls were so excited that they wore them two Sundays in a row :)

Just being silly in Abbi's Sunday school class:

Abbi got this dress for her birthday and was excited to wear it:

A fun spring-like day at Nina's before the snowstorm hit:

Celebrating Abbi's birthday at Nina and Papa's house:

Karlie's Valentine's Day at school:

Grandma surprised her and came to het party!  She was so excited!

Susanna getting into all sorts of trouble:  

Taking all my cans out of the pantry:

Abbi excited about the stickers she bought with her birthday money:

Karis is never more happy than with a kitty and a book:

A pretty day called for a trip to the park:

The girls wanted to stay on the spinning ride all afternoon

Karis likes to dress up our animals:

Susanna likes to interrupt Karis practicing the piano:

Richard came to town for the day!

Another hat for the sleeping puppy:

Susanna's favorite toy:

we made snow candy like from "Little House in the Big Woods."  It worked well but the girls were not a big fan of the molasses flavor:

Susanna got a random 24 hour bug and fell asleep onme while I made dinner:

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