Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance and Valentine's Dates

On Valentine's Eve, we didn't really have any great plans.  During rest time, I noticed that a friends had sent me an invite for a homeschool Daddy-daughter dance that evening.  When the girls got up from their rest time, I asked them if they wanted to go and I just wish I had a camera of the amazement and excitement on their faces, particularly Karis!

They chose their favorite dresses and asked me to curl their hair :)

They had a crazy dress-up photo booth at the dance :)

There were roses and chocolate kisses or each of the girls:

And lots of fun dancing:

The girls were happy to see some of their favorite friends there:

Such a great Daddy and so very adored by his girls!

 We had decided ahead of time that Mark would take each big girl on an individual Daddy date for Valentine's day.  He was pretty creative and took each girl different places.  They also bought something for Mama at each place.

Abbi got to go to the Farmer's Market and get her favorite healthy snack, as well as to Krispy Kreme to get her favorite unhealthy snack!

Karlie went to Sweet Frog's for a yummy snack and then went to Michaels to get a new piggy bank.
Then Dady took her to pizza hut because she had been wanting to use her book-it coupons for months :)

Daddy forgot to take pictures of his date with Karis, but she had a super long one.  She went to a basketball game with him and ate all sorts of yummy treats and then had a fun Target shopping trip.

All in all, I think the girls had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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