Saturday, February 28, 2015

52 Reasons

For Valentine's Day this year, I gave Mark a pack of cards from The Homestead where we celebrated our awesome 10-year Anniversary.  And on each card I wrote a random reason why I love him.  I had a different category for each suit and I thought I'd share most of my reasons on here so the girls could see what an awesome husband their Daddy is.  A few of them I will leave out, though, because they are just between Mark and I :)

Hearts:  Random Favorite Memories
-Surprise tickets to Phantom of the Opera and a trip to NYC (Christmas 2003)
-Our 1st kiss
-Our first date July 2002 -- dinner at my parents' house, mini-golf, and daring queen -- I vividly remember staring at his face and just wondering if I would be waking up next to that face for the rest of my life
-Special cards and letters in the mail when I did a semester in CO at the Focus On The Family Institute
-The grin on his face when he told me he had scored a $400 gift card to the Spa at The Homestead on our 10th anniversary
-Seeing his pride and excitement when Karis was born and watching him pick out her first outfit
-Hide and Seek in our first house together
-The first time he told me he loved me October 18, 2003
-The Biltmore trip with his family when we were just dating
-Swing dancing the night he proposed
-Getting lost on road trips so many times when we were engaged and first married because were were so lost in conversation that we would forget to look at directions.

Spades: Things I love about my husband
-He never holds a grudge and apologizes quickly when he is in the wrong
-He looks hot in a baseball hat
-He thinks hard about things and does not do anything impulsively
-He is an awesome Daddy and makes our girls feel loved
-He looks good on the basketball court and i enjoy watching him play
-He knows the Bible well and always tries to do the right thing
-He is humble
-He doesn't give complements much so when he does, I know he really means it
-He is easy to talk to and good at talking to other people
-He really cares about other people and it makes me try to care more about people outside our family and friends
-He is a good communicator and speaker and I enjoy listening to him teach
-We have similar taste in music
-Everything is more fun and less stressful when I am with him

Clubs: Things my husband does that I love:
-Takes the kitty litter out
-Fills up my gas tank
-Takes the girls on Daddy Dates
-Gets a kick out of scaring me
-Calls me on his way home
-Helps me with errands
-Always knows how to make me laugh
-Helps me shop for clothes
-Lets me snuggle on the couch
-Lets me join ladies book studies
-Dances with our girls
-Randomly brings me my favorite treats
-Helps take Karlie and pick her up from school so I don't have to wake Susanna

Diamonds: Reasons I'm glad I married him:
-I love his family
-He makes cute girls
-I trust him to take care of us
-I trust his love
-I think he will still be cute as an old man
-Others respect him and so do I
-Our life is crazy but I love it and look forward to the future
-He has integrity
-He is a great Daddy!
-I love him!
-He likes my family, too
-I always have fun when I'm with him
-He understands me and helps me be a better person
-I miss him when I am gone and am happiest when I am with him!

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