Saturday, January 31, 2015

January fun

I don't get a picture with my sweet girls often since I am usually behind the camera, so I was glad Mark snapped this one:

Karis and Karlie were excited that they got to hold the flags at Sparks:

Abbi knows Go Dog, Go by heart and Susanna loves it so Abbi was being super sweet and reading it to her:

Random trip to Krispy Creme with favorites:

Frosty loves to hide on Mark's desk and grab his papers and pen as he studies:

The kitties also love Mark's study chair :)

The girls have really enjoyed their Fo os on the Family magazines from Grandma and Papa:

Susanna was clingy to Daddy and he wanted to get stuff done so he put her in the Ergo on his back.  Both were pretty happy about the arrangement:

Susanna loves to climb in a chair that's holding a sleeping kitty:

The girls and I were very proud and excited about the Boston Cream Pie we made from scratch for Papa's birthday.  DELICIOUS!

Susanna loves to hold the kitties oh so tight!

One pretty spring-like day we decided to let the kittens explore outside a little.  We are tired of the litter and are slowly starting to acclimate them to going outdoors.  they were cautious but excited:

The kitties quickly find my lap as soon as the girls go to naps or bed.  If I don't sit and snuggle or a bit, Frosty will even come up to me and start pawing at me and crying for me to sit down with him :)

Karis thought Frosty needed a baby

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