Saturday, January 31, 2015

Birthday Party for Karlie and Abbi

Since Karlie and Abbi have birthdays only 2 weeks apart from each other, we decided to have a combined party.   Mark's school has an awesome blow-up that we could use so we reserved the gym and let the kids get out all their energy!

Susanna thought she was a big kid and tried to jump also:

They loved holding hands and sliding down to gather as a big group!

Pizza and lemonade for lunch, on Frozen plates, of course:

Nina brought ice cream cups and for some reason they all decided to leave the tables and sit in a circle on the floor to eat it.  I guess they wanted a picnic:

Sweet birthday girls:

Oh how we love them!

Abbi didn't want to blow out the candles so Karlie did it for her:

Present time was a little bit chaotic but lots of fun:

And they had to play just one of their favorite games right before heading out: Foxy Roxy, What Time Is It?

Abbi got to help Daddy call out the times the second time around:

What a fun day!

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M. said...

Beautiful! so much fun! best wishes!