Monday, July 28, 2014

The happiest girls in the world! (Myself included!)

(Alternately titled, "The Most Loved Kitties In the World!")

Growing up, we always had a cat, if not two.  The absolute most exciting 2 events of my childhood were:
 1.  Getting my own baby kitten. 
2.  Letting that kitten have her own kittens!

So when our sweet Blackie kitty disappeared right before Snowmageddon of 2014, I started wanting another cat right away.  But I knew that it wasn't the best time since the baby was little and our life was crazy, in addition to the fact that my husband had been unemployed for several months and when he did get a job, it paid about half what he had been making so adding anything to our budget was out of the question.  Ok, honestly, only just because my husband had the sense to know it wasn't the right time (I would have grabbed the nearest kitten in the blink of an eye had Mark given me the ok :)

So I prayed and talked about it a lot and prayed and hinted and talked about it a lot.  And I finally decided to listen to my husband's wisdom so I stopped talking about it between the months of April and June.  But I kept praying and so did my Mama :)  And while we were at the beach in mid-July, I told Mark that we really should think about getting one before we started back with school in late August because I knew the girls (and myself!) would not be able to focus on schoolwork with new kittens running around.  Also, now that Mark is an administrator and athletic director at the school, we could possibly afford the upkeep of new kittens.  He questioned the wisdom in it once again because Susanna is the sweetest baby but is just in that stage where she lives to destroy the house right now.  But I told him I really didn't want to wait months until Christmas break to get a kitty.  We had been cat-less for 5 months already (which seemed like forever) and Susanna didn't even know what a kitty was anymore (which in my book is utter sadness!)  So he said he understood, very non-committedly.  I told them there was a rescue agency in our town that takes in homeless dogs and cats and gives them their shots and spays/ neuters them and gives them the locator chip in their shoulder.  Usually it costs $100 for 2 kittens (because with 4 girls, we needed at least 2!) but I had been watching them on Facebook and they have been doing a weekend each month where they give them away for free.  So I said that the next time they do that, we should check it out and see if we found any suitable for our family.  Once again he acted as if he understood but did not completely say yes.

We came home from the beach on a Friday afternoon and I read that they were doing a freebie special that very weekend!  Mark agreed that I could go "look" and see if there was anything suitable for us and we would talk about the possibility.  I went there and found these 2 sweet kittens staring at me at only 9 weeks of age:

As you might have guessed, we simply could not resist.  I took the white one out of the cage to see if he would let me hold him and he started purring and licking my ear.  When I put him back his little sister snuggled right up under my chin.  They were simply precious and we took them home that very day!

And these have been the most amazingly sweet kittens!  I figured that they would hide under the bed for a few days tip they got used to the chaos of our household, but they loved the attention and affection and didn't seem the least nit scared!  They let all of our girls carry them around in all sorts of ways and never scratch them on purpose.  We have truly been amazed at how wonderful these kittens have been for our girls!  All these pictures are from the very first few days we had the kittens.

We kept them in the bathroom initially and then once they were used to us, we let them explore the house!  This first picture was the first night they were home.  I was reading to the girls before bed and both kittens climbed up and snuggled with us!  The girls were so happy!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last night on the beach...

For our last night on the beach, we decided to take a few family photos. It is really funny to try to get everyone smiling at the same time!  I'm pretty sure our days of perfect family photos are forever gone :)  But I love all these memories regardless and it was fun to try to capture them at this stage of life!
I took one of Mark and Susanna before we left and was once again struck by how much she looks like Daddy :)