Monday, June 30, 2014

Pool Day!

My cousin has a pool and he is so nice to let us come over and swim when we want!  

The big girls love it, but Susanna's first time swimming was hilariously miserable :)

"What are you doing to me, Daddy?"

Seriously offended :)

"Get me out of here, Mama!"

Karis hates getting water in her eyes but Mark finally talked her into jumping into the pool without him catching her.  He had to be right there but he let her go underwater.

She was quite proud of herself!

Susanna finally decided that running around the pool was quite fun

Random June fun!

Karis stole my shirt and sweater from my closest and raided the dress-up chest for the hat and pocketbook and proudly announced, "Look; I'm a Mama today!"

We finished up our homeschool testing and celebrated at Sweet Frog's with the grandparents.  Susanna scored her first taste of frozen yogurt :)

Karis made this drawing and I took a picture because I liked it:

Karis loves to dress Susanna up and Susanna loves to push her on her plasma car:

And usually the other two sisters look like this as well:

I finally got around to trying to teach Susanna to drink from a sippy.  Still not doing dairy with her so she is happily drinking chicken broth.

You might think it is silly to post a picture of this, but I cannot tell you how much this organizer has changed my life!  My homeschool stuff finally has a home of its own rather than sharing an overflowing cabinet with our art supplies!

Happy Father's Day!

Mark was in charge of VBS this years and pulling 13 hour days at church.  Our sweet friend Lindsey came to help out and we cannot thank her enough.  She took care of us when we got sick and also braided their hair so pretty!

Karlie doing the motions to her favorite VBS songs:

Susanna Is walking like a champ and all over our playground equipment:

One day the girls were playing dress-up right before bed and Daddy told them they looked so pretty that he wanted to take them on a magic pumpkin carriage ride.  They ended up having a fun time at the library :)

My awesome artist friend stole my fb picture and made a beautiful painting of my girls!

The girls enjoyed church picnic day at Camp Eagle!  We only thought to take this one picture though:

A fun wagon ride on a windy evening

Lake Day!

One Saturday in June, we were headed to spend the day at Nina and Papa's house and Mark randomly thought we should invite them to go to the lake with us instead.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast!

Susanna was not quite sure about the sand and water and never did completely erase that concerned look from her face.  She never fussed a bit and seemed quite happy the entire time, but she just wasn't quite sure about it... :)

Such a precious face!

The big girls, however, could not wipe the smiles from their faces!

And this is how Abbi rides home after a fun lake day: