Saturday, March 29, 2014

Princesses, a Playset, and other pictures from March

A sweet family from our church donated a big box of princess dress-up clothes to us... I cannot tell you how excited my girls were!

Karlie asked me to take a picture of the earrings in particular because she had never worn any before:

Snow White:

They were so excited that we ended up spending many days doing schoolwork as princesses!

Karlie quickly figured out, however, that she had to take off her gloves to do her writing :)

Karis got ahold of my phone and wanted to take pictures of her sisters:

Susanna has really enjoyed Abbi's princess present... the perfect height for pulling up on:

Nina and Papa saw an awesome playset at Sams and just knew the girls would love it!  They couldn't wait to put it up!

Just another princess day at our house:

 Fun on the couch:

Sister pile-up!