Friday, February 28, 2014

the rest of February

Karlie loves climbing all over Pup-pup:

Everyone went outside to enjoy a random spring day:

6 on a couch!

The girls made a race car for Home Depot fun day.

Abbi got to join the big girls at Home Depot and was very excited about it!

The girls decided to bring all their animals and blankets to the hallway to make an "obstical course" for Susanna:

Another random spring day after a snow:

A fun day at Nina and Papa's house:

Daddy went on a school administrator trip and we missed him so badly!  He had been trying to talk Karlie and Abbi into choosing a cookie cake for their birthdays and they had refused so we got him one to show him how much we missed him:

Grandma and Papa got Daddy and the big girils tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters!  They had a lot of fun!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Hearts

I wanted to start a Valentine's tradition to help the sisters share how much they love each other.  I told them to write (or dictate) what they loved most about their family members.  Their answers were so precious (and sometimes funny) that I had to write them down:

"Daddy, I love the way you play with me!"
"Daddy, I love your hugs and kisses!"
"Mama, I love the way you clean!"
"Mama, I love the way you cook!"
"I love to play with Abbi!"
"Abbi, I love to dance with you!"
"Karis, I love the way you hop"
"Karis, I love the way you hop"
"Abbi, I love to do stickers with you"

"I love to do stickers with Karlie!"
"I love to fly with Karlie!"
"Karlie, I love to talk with you!"
"Mama, I love the way you put Susanna to bed!"
"Mama, I love the way you wash dishes!"
"Daddy, I love it when you tickle me!"
"Susanna, I love to play with you!"
"Karis, I love to watch you do legos"
"Karis, I love the way you sing songs"

"Daddy, I love to play with you!"
"Karlie, I love the way you hop!"
"Karlie, I love to sing with you!"
"Abbi, I love to dance with you!"
Abbi, I love to play with you!"
"Abbi, I love the way you color"
"Mom, I love the way you read"

"Karlie, I love the way you help with Susanna"
"I love Karlie's laugh!"
"Karlie, I love how tiny and brave you are!"
"Abbi, I love that you are such a good helper!"
"Abbi, I love your smile!"
"Abbi, I love to hear you sing your good-night song to Susanna"
"Karis, I love your pretty blue eyes and how you are so much like I was at your age"
"Karis, I love to see how excited you get about playing the piano"
"Karis, I love to watch you play with Susanna.  Thank you for being such a helpful big sister."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We didn't really believe we would actually get all the snow the weathermen kept saying might be coming...

But sure enough we did!  Probably 18 inches!  

Here is Susanna, all ready to go in the Ergo with me, waiting on the rest of the girls to get their snow clothes on:

 There was a lot of falling down at first because the girls had never tried walking in snow up to their knees!

But they sure enjoyed it!

Even puppy had fun in the snow:

Daddy made a sledding path from the snowplow drifts:

The big girls built chairs for them to sunbathe in:

And a funny-looking snowman

Susanna Beth went out with me for a bit the first time, but then watched all the excitement from the top of the stairs like this:

The girls went out with Daddy and some friends to a great big hill and experienced real sledding for the first time!

Karis tried out bodysledding: 

Karlie even tried going headfirst backwards:

Karis wiped out Daddy:

And after that they headed back to meet us at a friends house to make Valentine' s cookies, drink hot chocolate, and eat pizza!

Snow days are such fun!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baptism day for Karlie Sue (and Daddy)

The day that Karlie informed us that she had decided to follow Jesus, she also told us that she wanted to be baptized.  This Sunday was baptism day and it was truly one of the most special baptisms I have ever witnessed.   

Here is Karlie, dressed and ready to go.  She was so incredibly excited!

Karlie absolutely loves Pastor Rob.  He had baptized a lady right before she came out and stayed in the water for a moment to introduce Mark and Karlie.  He also apologized for the fact that the water heater had not been turned on and the water was like ice!

So happy to finally do it!  Around the time of this picture, Karlie saw herself on the screen in the back (for the choir) and pointed and exclaimed in excitement, "there's me!"

Daddy telling of her decision and joy in telling others:

He started to set her on a stool in the water to prepare to baptize her.  She immediately climbed back up  him, whispering, "It's too cold!"  Daddy wisely and sweetly replied, "that's ok; we'll do it together."

And they did :)  

 As I was getting her dressed afterwards, "Karlie said, "Mama, can I do it again?"  :)

Here are 2 videos I took of her baptism.  The first one is really fuzzy because the camera didn't focus initially and I didn't want to stop taking it in order to stop and focus.  I didn't want to miss what Mark said.  But I refocused quickly before he baptized her so the second video is a continuation of the first.  The 3rd video is Pastor Rob's view of the baptism and you can see Mark going under the water with her better:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy 3rd birthday Abbi Grace!

Our spunky, sweet girl turned 3!  So hard to believe!  We decided to have a small party at Chick-Fil-A to give the kids a place to play and it was much fun!

Abbi wakes up each morning and almost always chooses to be either Tinkerbell or Cinderella.  Her costumes were hand-me-downs that she had worn to rags, so for her birthday, she received a new outfit:

She also picked out a Tinkerbell cake and was super excited about it:

And when she got home later, she found that she had also received a Cinderella outfit!

And did you hear what this cute 3-year old wanted to eat for breakfast?

And after her birthday, she ran around with Tinkerbell, yelling, "Flap your wings!"

And she had to wear her new princess dress and crown to church the next day :)

We love you, Abbi Grace!  Happy Birthday!