Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December fun!

Whenever Susanna sees a camera, she comes right up to the camera and says, "cheese!"

This "cheese face" never fails to crack us up:

Karis was very excited about her new hat and coat and muffler from Grandma and Papa:

Karlie all excited about her school Christmas concert:

Singing with the K4 and K5 group:

Karis and Karlie ready to sing in their church Christmas program:

Karlie had a fun Christmas party at school with lots of yummy treats!

I resorted to letting Susanna paint so that I could get some schoolwork done with the big girls... She was so excited!

Susanna saw my Ergo laying on the chair and brought it to be with her baby doll so she could carry her baby around :)

Susanna loves our kitties a bit too much!  They sure are patient!

Reading is much more fun with a kitty!

Pup-pup is always a good sport :)

Karis decorated Frosty... such a patriotic kitty!

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