Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas fun

Two days before Christmas, we celebrated with the girls at our house because we were heading to my parents' house.  This year was extra special because it was the first year that we took the girls to pick out their own presents for their sisters.  We hit up the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target for some thoughtful gifts that they were really excited about.  In addition, all the girls had been secretly making special crafts for each other over the last month.  They were so excited about finally giving their gifts to each other!

Karlie gave Susanna a microphone and she loved it!

Susanna went a little crazy about opening gifts so the only way to settle her down was to give her a gingerbread cookie :)

Every year Mark finds a special heart ornament for me and the girls were excited about it also.  Susanna jumped in for the picture but her mouth was still full of gingerbread cookie :)

Karis made Daddy a huge fun poster with game her could play with her like hang man and tic tac toe:

Karis had been wanting this crazy cat toy ever since we got the kittens last summer.  Mark found it on clearance and it was probably the present she was most excited about.  Frosty was nice enough to jump on my lap for an opportune picture:

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