Saturday, November 1, 2014

Susanna Beth at 18 months

Oh my sweet and crazy baby!  I have seriously never had a baby with quite as much energy as Susanna Beth!  She is so very funny and cute and destructive all day long!  She definitely keeps us on our toes.  One of my best friends has a baby about the same age as Susanna and she is constantly saying that Susanna is like her baby on steroids.  They do all the exact same things, except Susanna does them ten times faster and and ten times more.  This baby just never stops til you put her in bed!

At 18 months, Susanna Beth...

--loves fiercely and fights fiercely -- This baby does everything with passion!  She gives the best bear hugs, the sweetest kisses, and a half a second later can scream the loudest or pull the cat's tail the hardest.  She will tackle her sisters to hug them and also tackle them to steal their toys.  She fights for what she wants and usually gets it if Mama isn't watching carefully to come to the big girls' or kittens'  rescue.  But oh, she can be so super sweet when she wants to be!

-- loves to sing and do motions -- Susanna hates long car rides and the only thing that will pacify her is for us to sing her favorite songs.  Over and over again.  She never gets tired of them

-- loves to read books!  Susanna has never met her limit when it comes to books.  I can never read her enough.  She always asks for "more books, more books, more books!!!!"

-- Loves food!  It is amazing what she will eat!  If I put a little salsa on my tortilla, she begs for a whole bowlful of salsa for her own!  She will usually eat anything I give her, but I have to pay attention because if she gets bored, she starts throwing food and trying to feed the pets.  Never a dull moment!

-- Is obsessed with nursing!  I've never had a baby last this long with nursing, let alone beg for it so much.  I've pared it down to only before bedtime and naps but she would nurse all day if I allowed it. She moves so fast all day long but is sure the sweetest snuggle bug when it comes time to nurse!

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