Sunday, November 30, 2014

November photodump

Grandma and Papa let the girls pick out Christmas dresses and they were pretty excited about:

Pilgrims/ Indians night at Cubbies and Sparks!

Silly elves at the mall:

Cupcake never jumps to the top of the Karis's bunked so she made a bed for them to share on the floor:

Trying on Daddy's hat:

Karis was excited that Frosty sat on her schoolwork because she thought she would be able to take a break:

Karlie's Thanksgiving party at school:

Susanna loves rice!

This girl loves her kitties!

and so does Abbi:

March Madness at Daddy's school!  Karlie decided to try out her first basketball game :)  She had a blast!

Daddy got to play with the big boys against the varsity team!  Karis stole his lap while he rested after some hard playing:

More kitty love:

Abbi put her cinderella crown on Cupcake:

Silly girls before church:

The kittens and Blackie are finally starting to get used to each other:

Although the kittens drive Blackie a little crazy by following him around whenever they get the chance:

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