Saturday, November 1, 2014

Karlie Sue at 5 1/2

Oh my Karlie Sue, how grown-up you seemed on this fun dress-up day!  I loved to see you dancing with Daddy, with your sparkles twinkling and your sweet smile glowing!

At 5 1/2, Karlie Sue...

- loves to read!  Whenever we come home from the library I actually have to hide the books so that she won't disappear into an imaginary adventure and forget about the people at home :)  But she is such an amazing reader for her age and I love that she loves her chapter books.

-- loves school!  This sweet girl seems to think life is a party and has fun wherever she goes.  She adores her teacher and friends at both RVCS and Classical Conversations and is always excited about going.  She loves to learn, and her teacher at RVCS informed me that she is at the top of her kindergarten class.  Her teacher actually said that she doesn't think she has taught Karlie a single thing that she hadn't already learned at home, which made this worrying homeschooling Mama's heart feel so much better about the job I've been doing :)  Her teacher also said that the children in Karlie's class love her so much that they fuss any time the teacher plans something exciting on a day that Karlie does not attend (she only goes on Wednesdays and Fridays.)  We are so thankful fort Karlie's wonderful teachers and classmates at both RVCS and CC!

-- has a very hard time keeping her room clean but at the same time loves crossing off her to-do list on her chore chart :)

-- still loves anything "Frozen"

-- Is still my "energizer bunny" and it is amazing how much noisier and busier the house seems on the days that she is home!

-- Loves everyone!  When asked who she might want to invite to her birthday party, this girl cannot narrow down the list for anything!  She is a people person and wants everyone to enjoy her fun!

_  still loves stickers!  She and Abbi can entertain themselves for hours given the right sticker book!

-- Loves all fruit, all bread, and all sweets, but bacon is still the only meat she enjoys.  However, she has gotten a lot better at eating her dinner even though the other meats are not her favorite so I cannot complain.

-- Still a Daddy's girl!

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