Saturday, November 1, 2014

Abbi Grace at 3 1/2

My beautiful little Princess Abbi... what a sweet child!  This girl loves her princess and fairy stories more than anything and loves to "make sets" all day with her dolls and stickers and coloring pages.  If you listen closely, you can hear her tell the most precious stories and she talks with them and gives them adventures.  I love her imagination!

At 3 1/2, Abbi Grace...

-- Could do stickers all day long.  And I'm not even kidding.  She asks me all day long if I have any stickers she can do.  It is her very favorite thing.

--Adores her sisters and wants to be with them all day long.  She misses Karlie more than anyone on school days and the biggest punishment I can inflict is to tell her she can't be in her sisters' room at nap time.

--Is going through quite the picky stage... she really wants to live off of bread and cheese alone.  A lot of nights it is a hard toss up for her on whether it is worse to have to try her meat or to lose nap time with her sisters the next day.  Both options are quite devastating.

--Is still obsessed with all things "Frozen" and still calls herself Elsa on a regular basis

-- Considers Daddy the most important thing on earth and is convinced that she will marry him when she grows up.  Please don't tell her otherwise or she will get very upset.

-- Is the best little homeschooling buddy... she is quite content to color and do stickers and make sets with her dolls while we do schoolwork.

-- Still loves macaroons and pesto tortellini more than any other food on earth.

-- Loves to dance and sing

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