Friday, October 31, 2014

October silliness

Karis decided to sit on Susanna's lion chair for schoolwork:

This kitten never fails to crack me up!

Susanna loves to get on Pup-pup!

She finally figured out how to climb in the tub by herself... quite proud of herself:

Another funny kitten position:

Fall festival funny faces:

I have no idea where Daddy got this hat:

Silly Karlie before school one day:

This is how Susanna helps do the dishes:

I'm not sure when Daddy put them on top pf the van:

Cubbies fall festival:

Sparks angels:

My silly cleaner:

Frosty loves to read with Karlie:

More Frosty love:

Susanna finally figured out how to climb onto the playset:
 Blackie snuck into the girls' room and slept with Abbi:

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