Friday, October 31, 2014

Karis Lynn at 7 1/2 years old

Seven and a half is that magical, toothless age when a girl wants to be grown up so badly but can still enjoy the joys of childhood imagination.  Karis loves to live in the land of fairies and princesses and kitties and joyfully dances around the house, but she also loves to wear clothes that make her feel grown up and looks forward to the special occasions that allow her to curl her hair and wear lip gloss.  We are starting to see some emotional breakdowns of a young lady growing up but are also pleased to see how she is growing into lovely young lady who is more aware of others and is eager to help as only a big girl can.

Favorites at this stage:
--reading anything, but especially Boxcar Children, American girl books, Little House books, and fairy books.  She loves rest time every afternoon because it means she can take a break from schoolwork and read.  If we can't find Karis, we know she is curled up in a chair or her bed reading a book.
--doing crafts of every kind
-- cooking with Mama!  Mark got a kids' cookbook at the library for her and she read it so often that she can tell you exactly how to make just about every recipe inside.  She even copied several recipes that she especially wanted to try.  She helps me with dinner often and we enjoy making those special recipes from her cookbook about once a week.  I have found that she is also much more eager to try new foods if she has helped to cook it!
--creating things -- as it gets closer to Christmas, Karis uses almost every free moment to make crafts to give her sisters for Christmas.
-- teaching her sisters.  She loves to play school and be the teacher.  She loves to teach Susanna new words and often tries to teach Abbi to read.
-- Playing games with Daddy at night.
-- Sweets of every kind.  She still has an amazing affinity for all things peppermint but anything with sugar will do.
--Playing songs that she likes on the piano (she doesn't love mandatory piano practice, but she loves being able to play songs)
-- anything that makes her feel grown-up.  She actually talks about how she likes to do grown-up things.  She loves to do dishes because it is a grown-up thing.

Karis does not like:
When her sisters are noisy (This sweet introvert just can't handle it.  Too bad she lives in a crazy loud family)
When Mama won't let her dress fancy for an outing
When Susanna tries to sit on her while she reads
Meeting new people (we are still working very hard on being polite and smiling and saying hi)
Eating vegetables (what happened to my vegetable loving 4 year old?)

We sure do love our sweet Karis Lynn!

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