Monday, October 27, 2014

10th anniversary dress-up and tea party :)

This post is just a teaser because the real photos haven't gotten to us from the photographer yet :)

Every time the girls go visit their Nina and Papa, they see my dress hanging up and ask me to "try it on" for them.  I kept putting them off by saying that maybe when we hit our tenth anniversary we would all dress up and have a tea party.  Well, our 10th anniversary came and the girls kept asking for the dressing up and tea party.  So we asked someone to take pictures and had quite the fun time of it.  And we enjoyed our fancy clothes so much that we decided to drive by our favorite spot and take a few pictures on our way home.  Here are the pictures we got there:

Having fun dressing up:

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M. said...

Wow! lovely dress! fantastic idea!