Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random September fun (mostly kitty fun!)

Susanna loves her kittens and tries to be with them as much as possible:

 Who's in the oven?

Cupcake actually loves to play in the oven!

Frosty does not particularly enjoy dressing up but he allows Karis to have fun:

Mark and I got all dressed up for a friend's wedding.  (And yes, he did shave his head for a time :)

The kittens and Pup-pup are slowly getting used to each other!  The kittens regularly climb past the baby gate to hang out with Pup-pup.  As long as they are still, Pup-pup just watches them.   They will sit together for the longest time!  But if they happen to run around and get playful, Pup-pup just can't stand it and has to chase them.

Fun with Karlie's class at school:

 Sparky was at AWANA club on Sunday!

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