Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a super fun Labor Day Weekend!

First, Rich and Mel surprised Nina and Papa by coming to visit for the weekend!

They even came over to our house to meet our new kittens!

Then on Monday, Grandma and Papa came up and we all went swimming at my cousin's pool!

Susanna even finally agreed to get in the water and swim a bit!

After a short nap-time, Grandma and Papa took us to the zoo!

Abbi has taken to winking when we ask her to smile for pictures...

Susanna was utterly amazed and downright crazy about the bird house!  She kept pointing and squealing the entire time. It aaas really neat that we could get that close to the birds.  Karlie even touched one (although she wasn't supposed to and had to apologize :)

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