Monday, September 8, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date at Camp Eagle!

Karis picked up the church Bulletin and saw that Camp Eagle was doing a Daddy-daughter date night and asked if she could go.  We didn't know quite what to expect but they sure had a blast!

They spent the morning shopping with Daddy for Hawaain accessories and then came home and asked me to curl their hair.  Yes, we get serious about special Daddy dates around here!

So excited!

Practicing their hula dancing :)

 They had a lot of fun dancing with their church friends at the date also!  There were rumors that the Daddies had to put on a grass skirt and dance as well, but somehow no one has any pictures of that!  They also enjoyed yummy food, coconut bowling, the limbo, and other fun activities.  When I asked the girls their favorite part of the evening, I was told it was , "too hard to decide... I loved all of it!"

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M. said...

Fantastic idea! :) The outfits are great! :)