Saturday, August 16, 2014

Special times

We did a lot of fun and special things during August.  Here are just a few of them:

Sharing cookies with our best buddy Evi on her actual birthday (Her party wasn't until Saturday but she wanted to celebrate a bit on her actual day :)

Karlie wanted me to take a picture of the way she set up all her dolls on her bed:

We went to a baseball game with our Sunday school class and Karlie took a picture with the mascot!

And Karis lost a tooth while eating Dipping Dots ice-cream!  She has lost about 5 or 6 teeth and this was the only one that bled profusely (of course!)

Making cake with Daddy while Mama was away at a book study:

Put-putt with Daddy!

Pool time with Daddy while Mama went shopping with Nina for awesome deals on school clothes!

Splash Valley with Papa Eric and Daddy!

Grandma and Papa found Elsa pajamas/ dress-up clothes!!!  They wear them pretty much 24/7 as much as I will allow :)

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