Monday, August 18, 2014

Karlie and Daddy go to school together!

I thought I would homeschool my girls right through high school.  We never thought we could afford a private school and I simply love keeping my girls at home.  I have a passion for teaching my girls and I seriously enjoy it.  I had no desire to do anything else.  It's my dream job and one I get really excited about.  You know those crazy people who get super excited about looking at curriculum and want to buy every book in the catalog?  That's me!  I'm totally sold on the classical method of education and I absolutely LOVE Classical Conversations and would be perfectly happy to continue what we are doing for years and years and years...

...But Mark got a job at the Christian school at our church and it is truly an awesome school.  It offers a lot in the way of fine arts and sports that I cannot offer my girls at home, as well as the obvious interaction with other kids, most of them awesome kids with godly parents that I want to be my girls' best friends.  And the teachers are all godly people who would be great role models for my girls.  And as much as I love teaching, I never took any education classes so those teachers undoubtedly know more about teaching and the actual subjects than I do.  Plus, my husband is now an administrator at the school and it sounds a little funny to be talking to prospective parents about the school and they ask about his girls and why they don't attend the school... especially when they can now go for free...

So for those and many other reasons, we are gradually starting to send our girls to Mark's school.  I have to admit that it is quite hard for me to give up the control over their education and time spent with them but I know it will be good for them and we have come up with a gradual plan that I know is just right for our family. Here's the plan:

1. Karis is still at home with me this year but will go to Mark's school next year: CC is a 3-year cycle, meaning it takes 3 years to go through all the material they need to know.  Karis has had 2 out of the 3 years and I felt like she would be ahead in some things but completely lacking in knowledge in others if I put her in school before completing the 3rd year.  Plus, she really, really wanted to do CC another year because she loves her friends there and didn't want to get up early every day :)  And this year is American History at CC and I am SUPER excited about it and didn't want to miss it myself!  Karis is my shy, loves to be at home, mini-me and I think one more year together will be good for both of us.  I also think she needs a year to get used to the idea of going to school every day and see how much fun Karlie is having so she will be ready and excited to go herself.  Her teacher for next year is actually one of our neighbors and  I am hoping she will develop a relationship with her this year so she will be more confident in going to her class next year.

2.  Karlie is going to school with Daddy 2 days a week this year for Kindergarten and will go full-time next year.  She is still doing CC with us on Mondays (it only meets one day a week) and I am teaching her on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The Kindergarten teacher at RVCS is awesome and super flexible and was excited about having Karlie in her class as much as we want her there.  I am just thrilled about her.  And Karlie is my super energetic, want-to-be-with-people-all-the-time, "life is always a party" girl and would totally go to school every day if I let her.  She is reading on probably a 2nd or 3rd grade level and ahead in most subjects simply because she was determined to do whatever school work Karis was working on. (Other than handwriting; she's much too busy to take the time to do it properly:)  So going to Kindergarten this year is mainly for enrichment and so she will be used to it and ready to go every day next year.  Karlie is very excited about the Spanish, music, and computer lessons she gets to enjoy this year at RVCS, as well as all the playtime and field trips!

3.  Abbi and Susanna will of course be home with me this year.  I am currently planning to go ahead and do 3 years of CC with them as well before sending them to RVCS.  If this year goes well for Karlie, we will probably do a 2-day a week plan with them as well for Kindergarten while we complete the last cycle of CC.

Without further discussion, I have to show these precious pictures of Karlie on her first day of RVCS!  She was incredibly excited to go off with Daddy to school!

She is holding her rest-time snuggle buddy, Rapunzel :)

Standing under her name in the Kindergarten apple tree!

Mark snapped this picture of her from his 3rd floor classroom looking down over the playground. She is 3rd in line.

She looked so tiny there waiting for me in the carpool line!

Karlie had a wonderful first day of school and informed me that she wants to go every single day!  

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