Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cousin Time!

Mark's family from Kentucky came to visit and we were so excited!  I tried to get a picture of all 8 cousins together, but it was hard to get all of them to co-operate at once :)

We went to the Marina after diner one evening and Karlie had fun on the high trampoline!

Karis was brave enough to try it as well :)

Playing outside at Nina and Papa's house!

We tried to have a lake day but it was rainy and miserably cold and wet.  However, the kids didn't care and still said that it was their favorite part of the vacation!

We took all the kids to the transportation museum and they really enjoyed looking at all the trains and airplanes:

They were so excited that they could climb inside a tiny plane!

When we ate at a restaurant, all the big girls were excited to eat at a table by themselves :)

Susanna was amazed at the fish at the marina!

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