Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

On Tuesday evening, we decided it was time to fly a new kite!  The girls were super excited and a friend of Mark's had joined us for the evening.  It was the perfect cool, breezy beach night for our tradition.

We got a little chuckle watching all 3 guys work hard to figure out how to make our new fairy kite work :)

There was much excitement when the girls first realized it was in the air...

... but then the wave dancing began and the kite was forgotten...

So the boys had fun navigating the kite :)

And Coach Brooks entertained Abbi with splendid sand drawings

It was a perfect evening on the beach!

We also went out for pizza, but Susanna just wanted to eat the corn :)

The girls were so incredibly excited to have Papa in the van with them!

There was a small fair downtown where the girls had fun taking pictures:

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