Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jones Beach Trip 2014!

My girls had been counting down the days til this beach trip and we were so excited when Mark informed us that he only had to go into work for one hour so we could get an early start on our trip!  We got to the beach house just in time for dinner and then headed out for an evening stroll on the beach.  We put the girls in bathing suits just because we figured they'd get a little dirty but never expected them to go all in!  Such fun!

Abbi's first glimpse of the waves... she didn't remember last year's trip as much but quickly figured out why the big girls were so very excited!

Susanna wasn't quite so sure!

Papa Eric had not planned on going in but the girls didn't give him a choice :)

Susanna finally agreed to put her feet down in the sand:

Still not sure...

But Papa Eric finally got her to smile!

Susanna got really excited when Grandma gave her a shell!

Such a fun first night at the beach!


M. said...

Hello Meg! And thank You!
It is so nice, so great to be able to be here, to be able to read all the wonderful actions, stories and adventures. I feel so excited, I have so much to read tonight! Our kids have just left with my husbands' parents so we are home alone (which makes me sad :( We went to a cinema last evening and came back home and it was so empty.
Tonight I will spend hours with your blog :)))
I am so glad to see you all smiling and happy. Girls are so beautiful!!
It feels so great to be able to see you all again!
Have wonderful august!
Best greetings from Poland, M. (I am Magdalena - my full name - I am not sure how I could make it brief in English - Meg, like you, or Mag?
never mind ;)

Thank you once again and have a wonderful day!

M. said...

It's late night right now in Poland but after reading your blog I feel like I have so much good and positive energy. Thank you :)