Monday, May 19, 2014

Susanna Beth at 1 Year!

It is hard to believe that this sweet girl turned one year old already!  
Susanna is just the sweetest baby girl.  She loves to snuggle, loves to read books, and loves her Pup-pup!  Her first word (and the one she still repeats all day long) was Pup-pup and all her favorite books contain doggies.  Susanna was not yet walking when I took her birthday pictures, but she got the hang of it about 3 weeks later.   She also says "hi" very well and will often say it over and over.

This little girl goes out a lot more than her sisters did at her age.  She typically will sit quietly and shyly in my lap for the first 15 minutes or so and then wants to get down and get into everything!  She is not afraid of other kids and has actually gotten in trouble in the nursery for tackling them.  It is actually because her sisters (Karlie primarily) love it when Susanna climbs on them and they laugh hysterically and Susanna thinks it is so fun.  She has a best little friend, Elena, who we usually get together with at least once a week and often several times more.  None of my other girls had a best buddy so early on and it has been fun to see how excited Susanna gets when she sees Elena.

Susanna Beth loves, loves, loves her people.  If she sees someone she loves, like Daddy or one of her grandparents, she wants them to pick her up immediately!  She pretty much goes crazy til they pick her up.  It has been really fun to be in VA and get to see the grandparents more frequently, even on a weekly basis a lot of times.   I think Susanna is much more attached to her grandparents than the others were at this stage.  She recognized them a lot earlier as well.  The only downfall is that we rarely have to spend the night at their houses, so she utterly refuses to take a nap when we spend the day there! When we lived in NC, the girls got used to visiting about once a month so they slept well in their beds at the grandparents' houses.  Susanna takes a great nap at home, but not anywhere else.

Susanna has a sweet little bear softy that she adores and when she gets tired, she puts her hand by her ear to ask for it (like in the picture below).  That is where she holds her softy while she sucks her thumb when she is tired.  It is so precious.  Susanna is still nursing several times a day and a couple times a night as well.  None of the others were at all interested in nursing much after a year but I think since she never took a paci she will last a lot longer.  That is a really good thing, because she has some eczema on her legs and feet so I am avoiding cow's milk right now (it is known to make eczema worse.)  So she is nursing often and eating just about everything I eat other than dairy.  I am also limiting her grains to ones that I have ground, soaked, and cooked since grains also can cause eczema flare-ups.  Susanna is a great eater and pretty much loves everything I offer her.  I taught Susanna sign language for "more" because she started yelling a lot at the table when she would want more food.  She caught on quickly but only does it with one hand.  It is really funny to see and so much nicer than screaming for more!

Susanna has quite the little personality and I love to hear her chatter.  She gets really excited about books and reading together just about always clears up a fussy spell.

Susanna is figuring out humor and will often laugh when she hears us laughing.  It is a funny little fake laugh with a look on her face that asks if it was the right time to laugh.  It always cracks us up and makes us laugh even harder and then she will grin really big and laugh really loud.  Oh this little girl is so much fun!

We love Susanna Beth so very much!

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