Thursday, May 22, 2014

Karis Lynn at 7 Years

Oh I cannot believe my first baby is 7 years old!  

Karis Lynn is a sweet, thoughtful, helpful, smart young lady.  We are so proud of the godly young woman she is becoming!

Karis is obsessed with kittens and desperately wants one of her very own.  She daily tells me all the things she would do with her own kitten and how she would take care of it.  

She also loves to read and if she has a book in her hands, I can be sure that she does not hear a word I say!  If we all of a sudden notice that we haven't seen Karis in a while, we can be certain that she is curled up somewhere reading a book.  She also likes to read while going to the bathroom (because it is quiet in there away from her sisters) so if we are in a hurry I have to make sure that she did not take a book with her or she will stay in the bathroom forever.  I am very excited, however, of her love for books!  She loves American girl books,  Little House on the Prairie books, and fairytale stories most of all.

Karis is very excited about any kind of artwork and if she is not reading, I can usually find her at the kitchen table creating something.  Her sisters love to watch her draw and color and paint because she makes up stories about her artwork and she tells them as she creates.  It is so funny to watch Abbi and Karlie crowded around the table just watching and listening to Karis do her artwork.

Karis also loves to "make sets" with their princess castle and dollhouse people and her sisters love to listen to her tell stories about them as well.  I just love her imagination!

Karis still has a tendency to be very shy in new situations.  She will often not smile or talk or even look at people at all in a new situation.  Once she feels comfortable, though, she surprises everyone around her because she is like a totally different person, all smiling and talking and full of energy.  We are working on having good manners and being polite even in new situations but I know that it is hard for her and we try to help her as much as possible.  She is much more comfortable if allowed to stay with Karlie and they can face the new situation together or if we have discussed exactly what is going to happen and she knows exactly what to expect and what is expected of her.

Karis loves being the oldest sister and loves to be in charge more than anything.  They often play "family" or "school" and she is always the Mom or teacher.  She is a "rule-follower" and can't stand it if the others are not.  Most of the time she is very obedient and most of our few battles occur over what is appropriate to wear somewhere, sharing with her sisters, or her attitude when asking for something or complaining about something.  

Karis is our most agreeable eater and can generally be persuaded to eat a reasonable amount of anything in order to get a treat :)   She loves to help me cook and is always so happy when I let her do things by herself.  She loves to make most of dinner and then set the table so she can tell Daddy that she did everything!

Karis loves her Daddy so much and her time with him is very important to her.  If we just have a relaxing evening and forget to "play games" with Daddy before bed, she gets very upset that she didn't get to do anything with Daddy.  And going on a Daddy-date is pretty much the best thing in the world to her!  She has also developed some wonderful friendships this past year at church and at school and I believe these are friendships that will last for years to come!

Karis is such a good big sister and watches out for Susanna very carefully.  She is quick to notify me if there is something on the ground Susanna should not have or if Susanna falls or gets into trouble.  I am very thankful for my big helper!

In so many ways, both in personality and in what she likes to do, Karis greatly reminds me of myself at her age.  It is utterly amazing to watch her grow up!  I love her so much!

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