Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Last year, Daddy's birthday got kinda lost between Mother's Day, Karis's birthday, and Susanna's birth.  I honestly don't even remember how we celebrated.  So this year, I decided we would make a big deal out of it.  The girls had a blast, because we didn't do anything but work on surprising Daddy all day long!  We went from one thing to the next without stopping and they didn't even have to have a normal naptime!  They thought celebrating Daddy's birthday was just as much fun as their own!

1.  We made their favorite cinnamon rolls for a celebratory breakfast.
2.  I told them to get ready quickly because were going right outside to work on a special video for Daddy for his birthday.  I asked them to tell me their favorite things about Daddy or things to do with Daddy and then we made a fun song out of it:
3.  We put Susanna down for a nap and made Daddy his favorite strawberry cake.  Then they worked on special cards for Daddy while I fed her and changed her and made an early lunch.
4.   We went shopping for Daddy!  I took the girls to the craft store and let them pick out something special for Daddy.  Abbi picked a humongous Minnie Mouse pen and nothing in the world would change her mind!  Karis picked some basketball duct tape and a dinosaur egg and Karlie picked some foam pellets that turn into animals in water.  We also grabbed a ridiculously big coffee mug for them to decorate with sharpies for Daddy.
5.  We went by the place where Mark loves to get a cheesesteak and surprised him by bringing him lunch to work!  The girls went ahead and gave him their cards.
6.  We went home, put the baby down for her nap, and made the icing for Daddy's cake.  They took turns decorating his humongous mug while I made him his favorite sausage rotel chip dip.
7.  As soon as Susanna woke up, we met Daddy at his work for an early dinner and shopping trip.  We gave him his funny presents and had fun at the restaurant and mall.

8.  Daddy took the big girls to church while I put Susanna to bed.  Then they came home and we surprised Daddy with his cake (he didn't think I would have time to make one) and we showed him the video we had made.

Whew!  That was undoubtedly the most exhausting birthday I have ever been a part of!  But it was probably the most fun as well :)  We sure do love our Daddy!

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