Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fun in May

We have loved the gorgeous spring weather in May!  We took a fun hike at Carvin's Cove one free Saturday.  The girls were so excited!  Abbi carried rocks the entire time to throw in the creeks that we crossed and Karis carried her spray bottle to keep cool.  Susanna hung out on my back for the first time and really seemed to enjoy it:

On a rainy day, the girls decided to go camping in the living room.  They even made a bed for Susanna and asked for a sippy cup for her even though she doesn't really use one.  Susanna had a blast crawling all over the beds.

All the girls have enjoyed walking Susanna all over the house.  She is so happy to be able to walk like a big girl!

We've  had 2 fun Friday evening playdates at our friends' house, the Guitierez family.  They have 4 boys and one girl added to our 4 girls so there were tons of kids everywhere!  Lilliana is Abbi's best buddy at church.  We serve in their class once a month and they are always running around holding hands and playing together.  They were so excited to see each other outside of church!

Susanna enjoyed Daddy's hat and happily left it on for quite a while!

Sweet sisters at the Farmer's market

Sparkie store!  We were amazed to find that Karis was in the top 5 for learning the most verses in AWANA!  And she was so excited to be able to score such awesome prizes at the end-of-the-year Sparkie Store!  Many thanks to all who donated such great prizes!  My favorite was a princess scrapbook that encouraged her to write her own princess story.  She is still in the process and has had such fun decorating it with all the pretty stickers and embellishments.  

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