Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter/ Birthday Weekend!

On Friday, Mark got off work early and decided to kick off spring break by taking all his girls on dates.   Individually!  So first he got Abbi up early from her nap and took her to the library and shopping for a birthday present for Mama.  (She chose a purple sponge because it was "gorgeous!")

Then he took Karlie to Sweet Frog and shopping for Mama.
She chose this awesome sign:

Karis wanted to go to Sweet Frog as well, and then she picked out an awesome pink umbrella stroller for me because she helps push Susanna on our walks and knew our old one was really struggling.

(But of course, I didn't know any of that at the time.  They waited til Sunday to surprise me all day long with their fun gifts!)

On Saturday, we drove to my parents' house to spend Easter.  The girls were so excited to dye and decorate their eggs:

Sunday morning was beautiful so we took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of the girls in their matching dresses...

After church, we went back to my parents' house to take a wonderful nap.  Then Mark's parents joined us for a yummy Easter/ birthday dinner and celebration.  It is so wonderful to have parents that get along and enjoy being together for the holidays.  It is so much easier than traveling back and forth and so much fun for the girls to have both sets of grandparents there!  We are so very thankful!

Here is my sweet card from my girls:

Right when we started getting ready to open presents, Susanna started standing up on her own for a while and trying to step towards me.  The girls were so excited!

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