Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Susanna Beth at 9 and 10 months

This little girl is so sweet and so much fun!  I absolutely love this stage!  She wants to be climbing and pulling up on things all day long and it just makes her so happy.  I love hearing her chatter and squeal as she explores the house.  And it makes her so tired!  For the first time in her precious life, my sweet girl is taking two-hour naps!  It makes such a difference in our homeschool day and allows me to actually do dishes and dinner prep at nap time.  And she wakes up so happy and ready to exhaust herself again :)

It is impossible to do dishes when she is awake.  I discipline and redirect and discipline and redirect again and again but apparently, there is nothing in the world so fun as climbing on a dishwasher!

Her other favorite is bathtime.  Poor 4th child does not get very many baths (comparatively speaking) but she gets so excited when she does!

Eating is her other favorite past-time.  In these pictures she is devouring soft-boiled egg yolks but any food will do.  She probably eats more chicken than all 3 of her sisters combined.  But she is still quite a tiny baby compared to most her age.  I'm thinking I have another mighty spunky munchkin on my hands :)  She has always favored Karlie in so many ways in her baby pictures.

Susanna sported her first pig-tails at 10 months and Mama was so excited!

Susanna loves being outside!  If her sisters go downstairs, she starts hollering because she thinks they are going out without her.  The only thing to do to make her happy is to either take her outside or put her in her high chair by the kitchen window where she can watch them swing while she eats.

Susanna Beth is particularly obsessed with her Daddy, her Pup-pup, and her bear softy.  And of course, Mama :)  And she goes crazy when she sees her sisters after a good nap.  She has randomly said "Mama" and chatters a bunch, but the only thing she says consistently is "puh-puh-puh-puh" over and over when she sees her dog.  Every time :)  She starts screaming every afternoon as soon as she hears her Daddy and doesn't stop until he picks her up and throws her around.   And if she is fussing because she is tired, please give her bear-softy and she will immediately stick her thumb in her mouth and snuggle.  So precious.  So incredibly sweet.  And she will sometimes try to coo/talk while sucking her thumb and and smiling and snuggling and there is really nothing in the world that could possibly melt my heart so much.  So much adorable in this little person!

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