Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pigtails, Ponytails, Face-painting, and a birthday

The first weekend in April, I realized that Susanna had enough hair for pigtails so I had to take several pictures :)

 Mark's school was having a spring festival and Daddy was going to be in the dunking booth, so all the girls put on their ponytails and we headed out for what we thought would be a "quick" hour in the sun.

3 hours and a pink nose and a few more freckles later, we finally left the festival to head to Nina and Papa's house to celebrate Papa's 70th birthday.  The big girls were quite proud to show off their painted faces:

And everyone was excited to eat Papa Marvin's cake!

Susanna was so exhausted by the end of our crazy day!  Thank goodness we had brought pajamas for the girls so we could just throw them in bed once we got home!

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