Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Long-overdue update

I couldn't believe it when I logged on and saw that my last post was February 20th!  And for no reason except extreme exhaustion :)  I absolutely love the crazy joyful chaos that is my life with 4 little ones, but it leaves very little energy to blog.  Naptimes must be utilized to get dinner made and dishes washed and after I put the kids to bed at night and get schoolwork planned out my eyes are just too tired to stare at a computer screen.  However, I use this blog to print out a scrapbook of sorts for my family so I will try my best to re-cap.  Updates on the girls should be coming soon, as I hope to take some pictures of them playing in the beautiful spring weather and write about how different they are and the delightful children they are becoming.  But for now...

God is good.  His provision for us has been amazing.  In mid-March, Mark started a second job as temporary children's director for our church.  The current family Pastor is taking on responsibilities with missions and needs help creating a VBS for June, as well as help with the children's facility relocation/ renovation and summer Bible clubs.  This position fits Mark well; we are very excited about this new responsibility and it perfectly fills the void in our budget.  This role will continue until the end of June, when Mark will then begin a new job as an administrator at our church's school where he has been teaching.  It seems like it has been quite a long journey since the loss of his job in October, but now that we see a glimpse of what God had planned for Mark it is very exciting and we are so grateful!

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