Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last Day of CC!

 Who is this cute little person wearing glasses and a hat?  Why Margaret Thatcher of course!  For our last day of Classical Conversations, the children were encouraged to dress up as one of the characters they had studied this year.  When Karlie heard this, she immediately decided to be Margaret Thatcher and no other great suggestion would change her determined mind.  I had no idea how to make her look like Margaret Thatcher, but luckily Nina had an old pair of glasses that Karlie could borrow.  I canpt tell you how excited she was about her costume!

And here is her history sentence that she loves (and I'm guessing was the reason she chose Margaret Thatcher):

Karis did not surprise us one bit when she decided to be Eleanor of Acquitane and thankfully we had been given this regal dress:

This was Karis's favorite history sentence this year:

And Abbi was utterly determined to wear her favorite ballet outfit since her sisters were allowed to dress up:

Here are some of the kids in Karlie's class this year:

The children had built an egg drop container during science time the previous week and one of the highlights of the day was testing it out.  Karlie quickly volunteered to drop her class's egg, but she was so short that she could barely get it over the fence.  We all had to laugh as she threw it straight to the cement at her feet rather than the grass below.  Fun times!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was juggling the baby and two different classes and just didn't think about it enough.  But we had a fantastic school year and absolutely loved our tutors and made some wonderful friends.  Can't wait for next year!

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