Thursday, February 13, 2014

Susanna Beth at 8.5 months

I am long, long overdue for an update on this sweet, happy baby!

She usually wakes up with a smile and gets so excited when I get her out of bed.  She starts flapping her arms and kicking her feet.  It really makes me day! I just love getting her out of bed!

Susanna loves to eat and if she sees the big girls getting a snack, she will crawl to the table and start hollering to have a snack, too!  Her current favorite is definitely yogurt.  She also loves avocado and cod liver oil.  But she will try to eat anything.  She finds every crumb on the floor and I am constantly fishing things out of her mouth.

Susanna has gotten very vocal this past month.  She makes a soft squeal/ high-pitched humming noise that is so cute that is kind of hard to describe.  But she does it constantly as she talks to her toys and sisters.  She also says a lot of "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba."

She loves to crawl under the table...

Particularly if there is a dog to follow!

Susanna has gotten quite obsessed with both the dog and cat this month.  Now that she can actually crawl, she chases them all over the house.
Pup-pup is particularly fun because she lets Susanna climb on her :)

Last month she learned to crawl and then quickly started pulling up on everything.  Now she is trying to push everything around my living room!

Susanna has become a fabulous night-time sleeper!  (I'm not going to talk about her short naps.)  She is ready to conk out hard by 6pm every evening and usually doesn't wake up to eat again til I go to bed around 11!  Hello date night again!  And then she usually only wakes me up one time a night to eat so I feel like a new woman!  She wakes up for the day sometime between 7 and 8:30.   I'm not complaining!

Susanna absolutely loves to take a bath in her ducky.  She laughs and splashes like crazy.  She will often pull up on the tub because she wants to take a bath everytime the door is open.

Susanna wants to play with her sisters.  She is so disappointed when she gets up quickly at nap time and they have to stay in their rooms for another hour.  But as soon as she sees them, she grins so big!  And they get so excited about her also.  It is so sweet to watch them playing together.

And just like her sisters, nobody gets her more excited than Daddy!  She gets so offended if he doesn't pick her up quickly when he gets home.  But when he does take her, she is ever so happy and just smiles so big and kicks her little legs.

Oh Susanna Beth, you are such a fun baby!  We just can't get enough of your sweet smile!

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