Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We didn't really believe we would actually get all the snow the weathermen kept saying might be coming...

But sure enough we did!  Probably 18 inches!  

Here is Susanna, all ready to go in the Ergo with me, waiting on the rest of the girls to get their snow clothes on:

 There was a lot of falling down at first because the girls had never tried walking in snow up to their knees!

But they sure enjoyed it!

Even puppy had fun in the snow:

Daddy made a sledding path from the snowplow drifts:

The big girls built chairs for them to sunbathe in:

And a funny-looking snowman

Susanna Beth went out with me for a bit the first time, but then watched all the excitement from the top of the stairs like this:

The girls went out with Daddy and some friends to a great big hill and experienced real sledding for the first time!

Karis tried out bodysledding: 

Karlie even tried going headfirst backwards:

Karis wiped out Daddy:

And after that they headed back to meet us at a friends house to make Valentine' s cookies, drink hot chocolate, and eat pizza!

Snow days are such fun!

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