Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baptism day for Karlie Sue (and Daddy)

The day that Karlie informed us that she had decided to follow Jesus, she also told us that she wanted to be baptized.  This Sunday was baptism day and it was truly one of the most special baptisms I have ever witnessed.   

Here is Karlie, dressed and ready to go.  She was so incredibly excited!

Karlie absolutely loves Pastor Rob.  He had baptized a lady right before she came out and stayed in the water for a moment to introduce Mark and Karlie.  He also apologized for the fact that the water heater had not been turned on and the water was like ice!

So happy to finally do it!  Around the time of this picture, Karlie saw herself on the screen in the back (for the choir) and pointed and exclaimed in excitement, "there's me!"

Daddy telling of her decision and joy in telling others:

He started to set her on a stool in the water to prepare to baptize her.  She immediately climbed back up  him, whispering, "It's too cold!"  Daddy wisely and sweetly replied, "that's ok; we'll do it together."

And they did :)  

 As I was getting her dressed afterwards, "Karlie said, "Mama, can I do it again?"  :)

Here are 2 videos I took of her baptism.  The first one is really fuzzy because the camera didn't focus initially and I didn't want to stop taking it in order to stop and focus.  I didn't want to miss what Mark said.  But I refocused quickly before he baptized her so the second video is a continuation of the first.  The 3rd video is Pastor Rob's view of the baptism and you can see Mark going under the water with her better:

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